Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pen Read Al Quran RM280

By simply pointing the nozzle of this pen on the verses of the Quran, this pen will read the verse.Readings by famous Qari i.e. Al Sudais, Al Masyari & AlGhamidi.

Included with Muqaddam for your child to learn read Quran, learn how to perform prayers,Azan,daily prayers with minimal supervision from you.

Package contains:
Digital Pen, Specially
programmed Quraan & muqaddam , USB cable for transfer nasheed, talks & etc, Earphone,& 2 pcs AAA batteries.

Free shipping throughout Malaysia including Sabah & Sarawak

RM280 only!!! limited stock get it before Ramadan

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Assalamualaykum w.b.t. to all beloved customers....we would like to inform you that our dateline for pre-order for Ramadan & HAri Raya will be on 30 JUNE 2011...please pay your deposit before or on this date. This is to avoid inconvenient in future. thx (^_^)